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Wheat Altar Bread

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Wheat Altar Bread

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Please select the size of the host & packaging. People's host come in boxes or plastic containers Celebrant hosts are in boxes.
Wheat Altar Bread

78-2217 1-1/8" Box of 1000

Wheat Altar Bread

78-2217P 1-1/8" Container of 1000

Wheat Altar Bread

78-2219 1-3/8" Box of 1000

Wheat Altar Bread

78-2219P 1-3/8" Container of 750

Wheat Altar Bread

78-2235P 1-3/8" Plastic Container of 750 LAMB DESIGN

Wheat Altar Bread

78-2221 WHEAT 2-3/4" Box of 50

Wheat Altar Bread

78-2224 WHEAT 5-3/4" Box of 25

Wheat Altar Bread

78-2230 WHEAT 9" Box of 25



Cavanagh Company offers by far the best altar bread products in the market. Since the 1940's, Cavanagh Company has met the needs of clients searching for the best quality Eucharist wafers and church bread. Produced in the United States, all breads have a carefully molded sealed edge, which prevents crumbs. They are baked of only whole wheat flour and water, and are made strictly without additives. All Cavanagh altar breads are superior in substance and sign value. The breads are sealed minutes after baking and are untouched by human hands.

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